One of the highlights for our team this year was volunteering for Pass it on Clothing so when the opportunity came around this month our team jumped on board.

About Pass it on Clothing

Within 5 years since its inception Pass it on Clothing has passed out over 180,000 pieces of clothing to homeless communities throughout Greater Sydney.

What we did in November

This November our team helped sort and pack and hand out clothing packs to the homeless community in Martin Place. In total, we passed on over 700 pieces of clothing. This very important cause is only made possible by donations of clothing and funds raised by the dedicated and passionate team along with volunteers to help (just like us). 

How to Support Pass it on Clothing

If you’d like to donate clothing or funds or find other ways you can help visit Pass it on Clothing

Academy Brand + Pass it on Clothing

They have recently partnered with Academy Brand with a fantastic offer called Undies for All. Visit Academy Brand’s website for more info.