Debt Advisory

Tailored solutions, end to end support and powerful reporting.

Over 3 million accounts successfully sold.

Launched in 2010, debt advisory is Bravure’s core client offering. Our debt advisory services are built on providing our clients with support across their collections, recoveries, outsourced collections and debt sale programs.

Notably, our services here focus on helping our partners to determine the appropriate treatment paths for all their customers. Decisions here are based on leveraging both our data insights, as well as broader policy recommendations.

Ours is a holistic approach – considering conventional and adjusted debt sale models, as well as alternatives to sale. Bravure will work to solve unique problems, with tailor-made solutions for you and your client.

Having determined the appropriate strategy, we then have a team of account managers, analytics, operations staff, project managers and legal support who help implement the changes and provide ongoing operational support.

A Trusted Partner

We’re trusted by reputable debt buyers, given the volume of transactions we perform, as we provide them confidence in the process. As a result, we are proud to hold pricing records across all industries and represent a broad range of creditors who had either previously never sold before, or are leveraging our support to help improve their existing programs.

Within the collections and outsourced recoveries programs we focus heavily on referral processes, reporting and oversight, governance and financial performance.

Following the impact of COVID-19, there is increasing demand for our services as creditors understand the importance of performing these processes correctly. We now represent more than 75% of debt sold presently in the Australian market.

Substantial savings + revenue uplift + risk mitigation

Debt Sales

Outsourced collections

Internal collections and recoveries

Debt Sales

Bravure has been providing Debt Sale services since 2010, over which time we have assisted leading banks, telecommunications, utility, insurance and automotive finance issuers with their Debt Sale programs.

As with all our services, the Debt Sales offering is an advisory function at the core, supported by strategy, analytics and relationship management activities. We are proud to say that our clients have some of the leading programs in the country, as measured by financial returns, sustainability, risk mitigation and transparency.

The unique market position that we hold as the leading intermediary in Australia and New Zealand means that we have been a trusted source for debt buyers for the past decade and we are able to leverage this to influence progressive change within the industry.

Our clients are able to easily benchmark their programs and ensure that they are aligned with market best practice, taking learnings from industries outside of their own.

Bravure is the largest single source of debt sale transactions in Australia and to date, more than $7 billion in assets have been sold in our programmes.

Outsourced collections

Bravure has extensive experience operating outsourced collection programs for some of Australia’s largest organisations and international brands. Utilising our extensive market experience, analytics, strategy, and technology we’re able to work with organisations to greatly improve compliance and oversight and eliminate the need for expensive and complex system development. This not only leads to far greater performance outcomes for our clients but ensures a far better experience for customers going through these processes.

We have industry specific solutions across the following sectors:
● Automotive
● Telecommunications
● Utilities
● Banking and Finance

Internal collections and recoveries

At the earliest point in the collection’s lifecycle, Bravure’s focus in the internal collections and recoveries space is on determining the appropriate treatment path for unique customer cohorts, in a data driven environment.

The strategies implemented by our clients not only deliver improved returns but do so in a cost efficient and flexible manner. Technology and simplified, affordable, platform solutions are critical to ensuring our clients can remain nimble without overcommitting to a given strategy in a market with constantly changing customer dynamics.

Supporting these services are extensive reporting suites and management insights, strengthening the oversight and control of our clients.