Strategy and Consulting

We engage with broader market bodies and industries to positively contribute to the sector.

A boutique advisory service.

Our strategy and consulting offering is a boutique advisory service. We extend upon our knowledge and expertise in debt advisory to help our clients across other complex challenges they face in their portfolios. We work across the market to understand the changing environment and communicate what those changes mean for our clients and other stakeholders.

Whilst our expertise is in the credit and delinquent debt environment, we routinely leverage our extensive resources and partnerships to help our clients in other areas. We are proud to deliver exceptional outcomes in each instance.

Bravure’s strategy and consulting clients typically include large local banks, international banks, utility companies, telcos and specialty finance providers. Bravure leverages our established position to engage with broader markets and industry bodies to ensure you’re making a positive impact.

We implement meaningful change through careful planning, extensive research and targeted strategies

Strategy and Consulting

This highly specialist service offering focuses on:

  • allowing our clients to take advantage of opportunities that don’t fit the usual collections mould – whether it be assistance in entering new markets, building out programs for new products or exploring acquisitions or entire portfolio sales;
  • developing policies and procedures for unique scenarios (for example, customer engagement strategies in response to the onset of COVID-19);
  • assisting private equity, investment groups and other ASX listed parties obtain insights into the market; and
  • supporting industry bodies and providing a source of industry insights for our clients, with regular newsletters, forums and functions designed to improve the access to information.