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Bravure has supported AIME Mentoring for over 10 years and has a firm place in the hearts of the Sydney team.

AIME Mentoring

AIME is a progressive educational program

AIME is an Australian based mentoring program that aims to support Indigenous students through high school as a way to bridge the educational gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. AIME provides Indigenous students with the skills, opportunities and confidence to achieve great educational outcomes.

AIME was established in 2005 with 25 Indigenous high school students (mentees) and 25 volunteer university students (mentors). Since then, AIME has grown significantly and is on target to help 15,000 Indigenous students in Australia by 2020.

Bravure holds an annual charity event for clients, friends and family to raise awareness of AIME, in addition raising a significant amount of donations – all the donations raised are matched by Bravure.

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