Insolvency Services

Bravure provides the only purpose-built insolvency servicing platform tailored for the Australian market.

Purpose-built insolvency servicing platform.

As part of the full suite of services offered to our clients to manage their portfolios of insolvent receivables, Bravure provides a purpose-built servicing platform tailored for the Australian market.

The insolvency service offering commenced in 2017 and has grown to include the customised systems and operating procedures that exceed the high standards of our clients. The primary aim of these services is to facilitate the operational requirements associated with insolvent customers, which can be onerous and time-consuming for our clients.

Bravure provides a single service solution to the management of our client’s personal insolvencies, acting as an aggregated pathway for connection with AFSA, Debt Administrators and Trustees.

Bravure’s insolvency services platform is designed to effectively manage the needs of our clients in all areas of insolvency, from Part IV bankruptcies to personal Part IX and Part X debt agreements.

Use of the Bravure insolvency services platform has grown significantly since it was established and has seen continuous expansion of both clients and the variety of services offered.

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